Discover Next Hearing Aid

Move beyond the words in new ways

Incredible sound performance to hear the deeper meaning in conversations

unitron discover nextSoundCore™ – the unique engine inside Discover Next – delivers the key nuances of speech and environmental cues that enables your clients to understand the deeper meaning in conversations.

Identifies environments as accurately as a 20-year-old

Users can hear their best across all listening situations with SoundNav 3.0 and can enjoy life-enriching media with the help of MediaNav. Years of training our algoithms with machine learning means their feature can identify life's ever-changing soundscapes just like a young, normal-hearing listener would.

More voices. Less noise.

Provides clear speech, reduced noise, and overall sound quality that's comfortably balanced in any environment with Sound Conductor. And make the subtle nuances of speech more pronounced so everyone - even soft-spoken people - are easier to understand with our new soft speech lift feature.

Hear speech with amazing clarity - even in noise

Addresses the number one need to hear better in noisy environments with SpeechPro. It uses binaural cues to know where speech is coming from and enhances it beyond what a typical hearing instrument can do. A new fourth dimension of SpeechPro, Spectral Speech, was designed to help clients beter understand words and emotions in complex listening situations.

Put sounds in their place

Users enjoy a realistic sound experience because sounds can be acoustically separated and perceived in their accurate locations. This is thanks to Spatial Awareness, which brings back natural localization cues with an innovation 4 microphone strategy.

Life's easier for everyone with remote adjust

Move beyond the traditional way of supporting your clients with new remote adjust. Enhanced flexibility is yours with the option to perform fine-tuning adjustments remotely. Remote adjust offers you the ability to deliver professional care thatʼs convenient for you and your clients, whether theyʼre at home or on the move.

How remote adjust works:

a simple and straightforward experience

Adjustments are easy to make and sent directly to your clients via the Remote Plus app.* With remote adjust, you can provide a hearing experience thatʼs even easier and more empowering.
*For the use of the Remote Plus app, Unitron hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity are required. The Remote Plus app works on Apple smartphones with iOS 12 or newer and Android smartphones with version 7 or newer. App Store badge is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Made for all connectivity

Enjoy easy direct connections to the people and content they love with hands-free phone calls, video calls, and stereo media streaming to both ears – on all phones, with no intermediary accessories needed.*

SWORD 3.0 makes it possible

Discover Next leverages the SWORD™ 3.0 (Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital) chip to provide made for all (MFA) connectivity – including truly hands-free phone calls and media to both ears.

Get connected to 4 devices


The Remote Plus app

Clients can enjoy professional care without having to go into your clinic! In just a few taps on the Remote Plus app, they can apply your fine-tuning adjustments and hear the improved sound.

With the Remote Plus app, your clients can also:

  • ​Receive helpful tips, advice and reminders on their smartphone that reinforce and extend your counselling with coach
  • Make adjustments to bass, mid and treble frequencies that are captured in our TrueFit™ software with the equaliser
  • Adjust the balance between media and the environment
  • Submit ratings on their experiences so you can be proactive with your counselling
  • Adjust volume, mute and unmute, and watch how-to videos
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