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There's Nothing Like The Sounds of Paradise

With a host of newly developed hardware and features working perfectly in sync, Paradise gives access to subtle layers and textures of sounds in numerous environments. Its multifunctional abilities allow for multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices to be connected, while the new Tap Control gives the wearer easy access to Bluetooth functionalities.

Paradise is powered by proven lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology and provides a full day of listening including audio streaming.


New motion sensor

Ultra-low power motion tri-axial accelerometer that supports new hearing performance and ease-of-use features. The sensor delivers high performance functionality coupled with low power consumption.

Audiological excellence and sound quality

Furthermore, Paradise gives hearing aid wearers control of their device with the upgraded myPhonak 4.0 app. This is a giant leap into the future and allows for remote screening and consultation from their hearing care professional.

With Phonak Audéo Paradise, we are elevating the hearing experience by providing technology that enables those with a hearing loss to be connected socially whilst thriving mentally and emotionally, which is fundamental for overall well-being.


New sound processing chip PRISM

PRISM™ (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) new generation chip with double memory and more connectivity possibilities.


New sound processing chip PRISM

APD 2.0, our proprietary fitting formula, is designed to balance audibility, loudness and sound quality4. It does this by introducing a new processing algorithm and a new precalculation for a spontaneous first fit acceptance.

Leading technology based on trusted Phonak audiology

Unrivalled sound quality

subtle layers and textures of sounds in numerous environments


proven to reduce listening effort in noise

Universal connectivity

Allows up to 8 Bluetooth®-enabled devices to be paired

Rediscover the World of Sound

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